Professional History:
Dorna McDonald May has an MFA degree in both painting and art history from the University of Georgia. She also studied at Vanderbilt University, the University of Colorado, and the Harris School of Art in Arrezo, Italy.

She has worked as a costume designer at MGM, a set designer for an ABC Movie of the Week, an
illustrator and an art director for print, film, and television in Los Angeles, Chicago and Nashville.

Her paintings have been exhibited nationally, including solo shows at Art and Invention Gallery (Nashville), The Renaissance Center (Dickson), J. Rosenthal Gallery (Chicago), The Press Club (Chicago) and Cheekwood (Nashville).

Her portraits are in various private collections including that of Jack Nichlaus.
Dorna lived on a farm in rural Tennessee where she had a painting studio in the woods.
Her art continues to be a unique expression of her deep connection with the earth and family.

She is a mother and grandmother and lives in the hearts of all those who met  and love her.
Dorna McDonald May died of cancer on November 30, 2009 at her home.
Artist Statement:
"What interests me is the revelation of mystery - the energy of life, the power of nature, which is at once both horrific and exquisitely beautiful. My intention as an artist is to have no intention. I try to allow the paintings to create themselves.... My paintings often come from dream material or from other lingering sunconscious images. I try not to analyze the images but to re-create them the best I can through the process of painting, and to allow the primal experience to re-interpret itself onto the canvas - and in doing so, something new and unexpected occurs on the canvas. I enjoy being surprised and amazed, awe struck by what is revealed through the creative process." - Dorna McDonald May

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